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no stop i just want to be aggressively solitary like always

things are passing strange. i don’t know what i’m doing

because it mattered

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why did i just spend that last hour of my life awake? 

“19 was a 90-second short about a cartoon kid who sits and drinks on his porch and gets pissed. he took one good swipe at his wrist but he missed so he lived.”

though we cannot make our sun stand still

god fucking dammit my earphones just conked out

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Hello Sunshine! Let’s play the light! New poster (50x60cm) online! Printlove by Vorstin

In Japanese, the circle symbolizes the sun: to be printed exactly in the center of the surface. So this poster started with a circle cut of wood. On the back of this poster, the word hello is reversed. Depending on how the light shines on this poster and the amount of light behind the poster you see shining through “HELLO”… Enjoy your play!

are you alive, little one?


in allston, there are nights you get pretty annoying

take a walk with me, goddammit

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Sound book project for my Book Arts & Letterpress class

We had to visually represent a sound in book form so I chose the sound of traffic outside my window while I’m falling asleep so I tried to show the Doppler effect and layered sounds.

Letterpressed rule on tracing vellum.


holly went to harvard; it looked everything like she thought it would

aaaaah no i just want nice paper but not 60 bucks worth kthx

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In the U.S., where ninety-six percent of the reported perpetrators of rape are white, eighty percent of the men in prison for rape are black.
— Joseph Weinberg & Michael Biernbaum, Conversations of Consent: Sexual Intimacy without Sexual Assault (via cocknbull)

Spectra Speaks: After "Same-Sex" Marriage, What Next?


I wonder what the big white gay inc movement will fight for once LGBT peeps win the right to marry.

Will middle class gay white people finally face queer youth (of color) homelessness?

Will male-identified LGBT activists ever prioritize addressing homophobic violence against women?


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